Hyundai Kona

Static shot of Hyundai Kona parked alongside terraces with a glass-fronted building the background.

Just at the point where you might have thought the choice of compact SUVs had become more than wide enough to be getting on with, Hyundai has complicated matters further by introducing the Kona. Like its rivals, it’s what is known in the business as a B-SUV, which is to say a B-segment car (or supermini as you or I would call it) that’s tall enough to provide the high seating position so many customers crave, and to allow a certain amount of off-roading. Uniquely in the class, at least…

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Hyundai Ioniq

Blue Hyundai Ioniq Electric near a glass-fronted building.

Hyundai can hardly be faulted for its efforts to provide high-economy, low-CO2 products for its customers. It has already become the first manufacturer to put a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (a derivative of the ix35 SUV) on general sale, and by 2020 it intends to have nearly thirty alternative-fuel models available to the public. The latest to reach production is the Ioniq, which you’ll be able to buy in the UK from later this month. Not including various trim levels, the Ioniq comes in three basic forms. A plug-in hybrid…

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