Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace stunt.

Small is beautiful, and particularly so when the object of desire is the new E-Pace. This newborn cub from the Jaguar lair has been created to compete in the booming compact SUV segment. It follows on from the F-Pace to give the British brand a two-pronged presence in a sector which continues to grow at a rapid rate. Indeed, globally, the brand sold 26,000 more F-Pace models last year than the total number of Jaguars sold in 2011. That instantly puts the importance of these new SUV models into perspective….

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Jaguar F-Pace

Silver Jaguar F-Pace in action.

There will be those who, until they are finally gathered to God (and, if applicable, for all eternity afterwards), will angrily resent the arrival of the F-Pace, feeling that Jaguar has entered a market sector it has no business occupying. Understandable though this traditionalist view may be, the idea of a premium sports car manufacturer fashioning an SUV makes so much business sense as to be almost unavoidable. Porsche entered the game very early. The Cayenne made its debut more than a decade ago, and has done the company an…

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