Porsche 356

Frontal view of Porsche 356 B in the paddock at Bo'ness.

One of my more tiresome habits is to refer to the first-generation Volkswagen Beetle whenever possible within earshot of friends who own Porsche 911s. This is partly because, even though its engine is clearly in the wrong place, I like the 911 more than I want to admit and try to disguise the fact in public. However, it’s true that there is a connection between these famous long-running models, and even another car closely linked to both. That car is the Porsche 356. Designed by Ferdinand ‘Ferry’ Porsche, the son…

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Toy Story: Porsche 911

Peter Herbert's Porsche 911 entering the first corner at Craigantlet hillclimb.

I don’t recall exactly when I first wanted one, but it was almost as long ago as I can remember. Less flash than a Ferrari, more robust than a Lotus, and as successful on special stages as race tracks, it had a wonderful history, and was driven on the road by interesting free thinking people, at least until coming to the attention of city bankers with bonuses to spend. Fast but not too thirsty, edgy enough to reward concentration and skill, and blessed with a neck-hair-raising soundtrack, a Porsche 911…

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